Who is responsible for these blessings?

Although I have many people I can thank for facilitating these blessings, including my parents, I KNOW that the one responsible for it all is God.  I have always been aware of God's presence in my life.  I have often told others that "God has always been good to me".  So many times it's been clear to me that the good things (and the not so good things) that have happened to me were for a purpose and had to be a result of God's will.   Even during hard times, I would ultimately get to a point of peace because I knew that I was in God's hands.  However, it has only been over the past two years (since the birth of my children) that I have more clearly understood my relationship with God.  My role as a father has motivated me to understand things more...as a father.  Among many things, that included a better understanding of God (the father), Jesus (the son) and all of us (the children).  The perspective of FATHERHOOD doesn't explain everything (based on our human ability to understand things that are of a "higher existence", it's not possible to understand everything) but it helps.  It helps to understand the love of a father for his own children. 

I've gone from a man that had become aware of his "mortality" (just before I met Dawn) to a man that has become increasingly aware of his "spirituality".  It feels like a brand new life and gives me purpose to wake up and get going every day.  I know I still have a long way to go in really understanding and grasping my relationship with God and Jesus Christ, but I'm working on it...and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.....both human and spiritual.

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