Hi, I'm Marty!

I'm the Daddy of this crew.  This particular picture was actually taken in "thinner" days....about a year before I was married.  (Hmmm...funny how that worked out).  As you'll see in the other ACTION shots,

Anyway....about me;  I have my health, a wonderful family, great friends, and everything to be happy about.  I really feel like the luckiest man in the world.  Or should I say, God has blessed me in more ways than I deserve.   Let me count the ways.....

1.  I was born healthy....I remain healthy. (though often out of shape)

2.  I was born in America....in Texas no less.

3.  I was born to Martin (Sr.) and Matice Wells.

4.  I have wonderful relatives.

5.  I'm intelligent, reasonable, and optimistic.

6.  I have personal initiative to create and build.

7.  I have personal talents to visualize, communicate, inspire, and motivate.

8.  I have MANY great friends.

9.  I can compose and create music.

10.  I have done almost everything I've ever dreamed of doing.

11.  I married one of the most beautiful women in the world.

12.  I married one of the most understanding and supportive women in the world.

13.  I married a lady that might very well be the best mother in the world.  (yes, these are all the same woman. :-)

14.  I have three of the most beautiful, smart, funny, healthy, wonderful children a man could ever dream of....and I got all three of them at the same time...TRIPLETS!  (again..thanks to that incredible wife of mine)

15.  Who is responsible for all of this?


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