The Wells Triplets.......

Marshall, McKenna, and Sammy.

These are our three angels.  They are very good, very sweet kids.  So full of life, curiosity, and happiness.  They love to sing, dance, climb, run, and swim.  It's hard to tell by these pictures (because I have to shrink them so much to keep the file sizes small), but they each have true blue eyes and long eye lashes.

All three are "miracle children".  Born 3 months early...all weighing less than 2 lbs, they had some tremendous challenges to overcome just to survive.  It was often touch and go, and we almost lost each of them at different times.  However, with lots of love and prayer from many people, God chose to bless this world with their presence.

If they had been born 10 years earlier, they would not have survived.  Fortunately we had them at a very good facility and the staff there was "on the ball"!   We are also all very fortunate to have an organization like the March of Dimes leading the charge and financing much of the effort to improve the chances of premature babies to survive.  ONE of the procedures performed on our kids while they were still in NICU was developed directly as a result of MOD funding.  The Wells Triplets were enough of a "story" that the March of Dimes used them locally as poster children for the fundraising drives.  (you can see a copy of the Powerpoint presentation that was used in the campaign in the "our stories" section of this website soon)  Please do your best to support the March of Dimes. 

The picture on the right above is from when they were about 8 months old. They are dressed in their first pairs of wranglers.  The jeans and t-shirts that say "Lil Texan" were gifts from Kyle and Brook Repond.

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