Here are some vacation pictures of the family.

On a boat from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen.






Here is a picture of one of our first vacations with the kiddos.  It happened by accident when our babysitting plans fell through at the last minute.  We decided to just pack up the cribs and take them with us to Wimberly.  It was a great time.  In this picture, they are setting outside our room on the patio at the Mountian View Motel.


We took a short vacation in Galveston with the Byrd family...leveraging the opportunity with a show Kenefick was doing for the Dirty Bird Fishing Tournament.  This was taken in the pool of the Victorian Condos where we stayed.


Hot Mommy!

This picture was taken on that same Galveston vacation on the beach by the sea wall across the street from the Victorian.  Sammy and Kenna weren't quite good at not falling over yet so she had to support them for the picture.



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