Martin Samuel Wells, III

We call him "Sammy"....or "Sam"...or "Sambo Bambo". 

We have the suspicion that "Bambo" may end up being his nickname because that's what Marshall calls him.  Marshall can't quite say he goes with what is easiest. 

Sammy was the third out of the womb, and the smallest at birth.  Only 1 lb and 7 ozs.  Obviously, he (as the others are) is a miracle child.

Sammy is the most independent.  He doesn't like to be constricted, so he won't let you hold him very long without squirming away.  Since Sammy is still behind his brother and sister in terms of coordination, he always has the most "Bo Bos" too.  He is very outspoken, has a great sense of humor, and a contagious laugh, and although all three have beautiful smiles, Sammy's is the most happy.  Sammy loves to laugh.

He is also our best eater.  He'll try anything.

Here are some pictures of Sammy on his first bucking bronco.  Before and after the ride.

Click here to see Sammy at 10 months old.

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