McKenna Lea Wells

This is our beautiful little girl, Kenna.  She was the first born, and weighed the most at birth at a whopping 1 lb 14 ozs.  (she is now the smallest of the three)

As you can see, she has been fortunate enough to get her looks from her mother.  She is very smart and although she is now much smaller than her brothers, she is way ahead of them in several developmental ways.   She is now able to mimic almost anything she hears and can pretty well communicate with us verbally.

Kenna has the most beautiful smile, and is definitely learning how to use it.  She loves to run (she likes it when the boys are chasing her) and REALLY likes to dance. 


On the right is a picture of Kenna riding her blow up horse while wearing her "YeeeHaw!" hat.  That's actually what they say when the put them on and mount the horse.

Kenna is definitely her own woman.  She can be very methodical when she wants something and is already perfecting those sounds and facial gestures designed to get whatever she wants from her Daddy.  The finger wrapping has begun.

Click here to see Kenna's picture at 10 months.

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