"Hey....did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?"

Here she is, and now you can say you've seen her.   Her name is Dawn!

This is a picture of both of my lovely girls.   Dawn, and McKenna.  (you can see more of 'Kenna from her page).  Dawn actually hails from Michigan. 

Yup, I married a "yankee".  Who'd a thunk it?   How could I resist though?  Just look at her.

Anyway, she is such a trooper.  She handles The Trips like a conductor, and rarely gives me "the business" when I need to go play a show, go to a meeting, or whatever.  She is very supportive and rarely negative.  Dawn is very mature, very rational, and dependable.



Listed below are some additional pictures of Dawn...


1.  Life as a Marble in Michigan.

2.  Modeling in high school.  (Deer Park, Texas)

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