Christmas 2003

This year's picture with Santa wasn't as easy as last years.....or so Dawn says.  I wasn't able to go with them this time.  Aunt Tracy went with her.  Looks like they are happy though....doesn't it. 


Below is a shot of our front yard.  It's kind of blurry, but I'm still learning how to get the most out of my new digital Olympus camera.



Here is our formal Christmas picture of the kiddos for Christmas.  It's tough to get them all to stay in place, look the right direction, and smile all at the same time.










Here we are....all toghether.  This is the shot that will go out on the Christmas cards.  Below is our Christmas tree.  (Sammy calls it the Missmas Tree).


I had to include this one too.  I'm soooooo proud of how beautiful my family is....ESPECIALLY my girls.



Here are some individual pics of the trips with Santa looking in the window at them.